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A tall mouses tale, that is completely true, detailing my time at The Delamar Academy, Ealing Studios, London, harnessing and honing my skills as a hair and make up artist for film, tv and theatre.....join me!...x

Friday, March 2, 2012

more wigs

carrying on the wig theme, here is my full 1920s wig, fixed on and dressed out, plus make up:

Thursday, March 1, 2012

post prosthetic wig off...

and so the post prosthetic come down began. The beginning of the week saw a group of 10 very tired makiage artistos...we were cut, bruised, and blistered, but very happy with our final prosthetic pieces.... we were thrust back into the main building with the rest of the fashion students ready to begin a week of advanced period make up and wigs. A trip to the National Portrait gallery on monday morning got us back in the mood, we stumbled around the air conditioned gallery bleary eyed and searching for fibre glass....but instead found a tundra of portraits to get the hair skills flowing. Back at school we partenered up and chose two eras to take inspiration from. Mine were the 18th century
and the 1920s.
we then spent a fair while trying on wigs just to find the perfect sized toupe for our model. Once this was done we then blocked them onto wig blocks, wet then down and began winding, pinning and setting in order to quaff our rugs into perfect period timepieced wigs:
They were then placed in the wig oven over night to cook... the next morning we took out all the rollers, rods and pins and dressed them out. The locks were then teased, backcombed, padded and sculpted into our various shapes, decoration added, hair netted left on the blocks over night.... The next day, the models hair was then wrapped and stocking capped, before applying the correct make up for the period. For the 1700s i chose a very natural version. Paled her skin down, lots of powder, filled the brows a little, pinkish terracotta blush to give a natural flushed/pinched look, soft lip tint and two beauty spots just to tie in the hair to the period. The wig was then lined up, pulled on pinned, glued, and dressed:
1920s to follow..... x