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Saturday, December 3, 2011

character assessment

And now came our last assessment before xmas...thank god! My brief was 'A middle aged homeless man who has been beaten up'....RRRegarde:
i came up with an entire backstory to Andreas my 47 year old, Italian born, artist, poet, sculpter, follower of literature, science, religion and philosophy. This man had lead a life looking back on his disrupted childhood, pining for his dead mother and for support of his quirky, artistic lifestyle. After becomming heavily interested in Buddhism, he decided to give up his worldly belongings and roam the streets in search of a life gone astray. He was constantly turned away and rebuffed as a bum, and mentally ill.
Today we find 47 yr old Andreas on a park bench clinging to his pipe, sketch book and battered book of poetry. He has been beaten up by a gang of youths who took a dislike to his ramblings. A hefty thump to his left eye leaves a fresh bruise and the mark from where his pipe has been shows clearly on his lip. His hair, and brows show signs of greyish aging, while his haggared and sleepless eyes, weather beaten skin and gaunt appearance age him yet again. His once fine fettle of facial hair is now a patchy tarmac of stubble.
His clothes are stained with paint, dirt and a thousand tales of tragedy and heart break, his shoes reduced to flapping soles are now held together with old bin liners and string. Andreas still wears his favoured waistcoats to this day. A style he was well known for in his early twenties, when he was a hit with the young girls at art school. x

Characature week

Character week....yes thats right, 11 weeks in and we're still going! make up fools that we are... the last week before xmas break, and what better way to get in the festive mood than aging each other with grease paint, and latex and turning us into men....jingle bloody bells here we come!
First up was theatre aging. Shading the face using grease paints to high and low light the appropriate creases and wrinkly bits.
then greying up brows, lashes and hair around the temples and hair line to give a subtle hint of middle agedness.
wrinkles done with latex. Most effective around the eyes, and nose to mouth lines. Nikitta here, looking just a shade older than 20!...
this is my attempt at turning the 'too cute to be true' Vicky into Victor....a tough task. So i shaded her face up to butch her up, accentuated the brow bone, jaw nose etc. The brows were filled in and fluffed up using grease paint, and the stubble stippled on...more of a theatre look than film.
laying on hair to create splendifferous mutton chops! i matched the hair to Jess's mahogany red locks and blended in a few other shades to break them up.
i then attacked the poor girl with a moustache, layed on hair by hair, and also manned up her neat girly brows i the same way, to make them more unkept. A very manly affair indeed, and my newly shaved head went down a storm, making my sex change make up scarily real! x

the shearing shed

A small change of hairdoo thats been a long time coming...thought a pic might be in order....
yew! x

Wiggy wiglets

Wonderful world of wigs was this week....and all the period hairstyles you could shake a well coiffed stick at. This small mouse shaped hairdresser was in her element...
learning to block a wig - or attach it to the wig block...mundane but crucial.
ringlet dowels a la Jane Austin fame
set and dressed ringlets with 18th century style uppy doo at the back
!940s victory rolls
and with scarf, Land Girls style
everyones favourite...1920s finger waves! i was first shown these 9 years ago at hair dressing school, didnt get them then, and found them tricky this time round too...however i now possess the gift of patience....and thus, mastered the full head finger wave
fingers waves dressed out and ready to charleston...pretty pleased with the result i must say...
1940s reverse pin winding
reverse pin wind set and dressed. This week taught me that i still love hairdressing, no matter how much of a break i have from it, and that patience is a virtue. x