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A tall mouses tale, that is completely true, detailing my time at The Delamar Academy, Ealing Studios, London, harnessing and honing my skills as a hair and make up artist for film, tv and theatre.....join me!...x

Saturday, October 29, 2011


The rest of casualty week went as follows: day 2 - death, acne, coldsores, trackmarks
Alice there, not looking at her best i must say..... day 3 - burns of all glorious shapes, sizes and degrees
a touch of sunburn, with peeling skin a few blisters
pretty bloody horrendous 3rd degree burns. Elin, my lovely model for the day. day 4 - bullet holes and open wounds
delicious stuff hey?? friday was the day of our very first assessment...pics to follow soooooon. For now i must sign off, i have a vomiting pumpkin to carve, and dips to make for our Hallowed be thy ween party tonight.... x

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bloody hell!

Here i sit, perched in front of my temprimentally screened Macintosh, in my humble little nest by angle poise lamp light, picking large globules of silicone form the back of my hand that is currently caked with fake blood and greasepaint...the tell tale palette of the humble makiage artisto... yes dear friends today was the start of a week filled with scars, bruises, acne, rashes, burns, dead skin, sweat, tears, bullet holes and open wounds...and thats just the students... I must say a big thank you to those folks who took the time to send me photos of their, quite frankly hideous, injuries via my facebook plea....please keep on the look out for me as i shall now be hassling you for them for the rest of my career.... Today we started with scars and bruises. Rrrrrregarde:
Jodi here, sporting a few scars, each one applied with a different product. The one closest to her ear, in my opinion the best one, was created using collodian, a harmless looking subject until you try to remove it....her scar was coloured with greasepaint. The other two were created using tubed scar gels, then coloured in the same way.
"i didnt mean it Phil, honestly i didn't!.."..... im not sure whats worse here, my photography or Jodis acting, still full points for effort love. I created a black eye using greasepaint and colours from my bruise wheel, i also created the cut in her brow using scar gel, greasepaint, wound filler and fake blood. Her little scratches didnt turn out quite right, but they were created using a stipple sponge and greasepaint with a touch of (my new favourite product) scab in a jar.
I then added a cut along her chest using silicone. The silicone was applied using a silicone gun, i then shaped the wound using a metal spatula and created the slit down the middle. The wound was then filled with grease paint, wound filler, and fake blood.
and yes, she got her own back......
cant wait for tomorrow. X

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ok so on to the goooood stuff..... this last week has been tash week. yes my friends that is right, my little mouse paws have been frantic, knotting 1 yak hair at a time in order to create a fine fettle of facial fuzz...... Behold:
to start, i drew out a patern for my tash, taped it to the block and covered with lace,
then the threading starts. One by one each individual hair must be moistened, looped thru the lace, caught up the other side with a teeny tiny crochet style hook, and the ends pulled thru the loop to secure. The knots must be as small as possible so as not to be seen,
once the whole tash is covered, it is then tonged with medieval torture equipment, cut, and styled into shape.
spirit gum is then applied to nearest, sexiest, specimen, patted lightly with a pad to make the gum matt so as not to bee seen thru the lace. The lace is then pressed on with a tail comb taking care not to crush the styled hair. The model is then instructed to stand against a white wall in front of a camera, and let the tash take over.... maybe you could encourage a friend to join in.....
or two.....
or it could just get silly.....
enjoy! x

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Basic hair week

So after a couple more weeks of fun times at the Delamar Academy, i again return to la blog. Apologies for the non appearance but i have been incredibly busy preening, pruning, tonging and bending the delights of dolly head hair in 5 days of basic hair. Now, as a hairdresser of 8 years, you may think i was way beyond learning how to section a 'clean' section of hair with a red plastic tail comb....however i did find 1 or 2 things to test my mousey paws, and a surprising amount of pressure to create perfect curls with NO fish hooked ends what so ever.... here is a selection of my work from the week, my model being the delightfully dull Dolly. Regarde:
using heated bendy rollers to create ringlets
the elusive and tricky finger waves, delightful to behold, nightmare to master....
towered, bridal esque, up do....this took me a while as my 'anti bridal' gland went into overdrive...but i mastered it.
practicing my heated rollers....this is have done about 6 million times before, tho i still managed a fish hooked end or two....so a few more practices and i was back to a standard Monsieur Clarke would be proud of... there were many more bits and bobs from this week but this is and edited version as i have a TON of pics from every angle..... Our lovely teacher Pam Orange was brilliant and inspired me beyond belief with her tales of the stage. x