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A tall mouses tale, that is completely true, detailing my time at The Delamar Academy, Ealing Studios, London, harnessing and honing my skills as a hair and make up artist for film, tv and theatre.....join me!...x

Sunday, November 20, 2011

ta da .....Bald!

Yes siree, included in the bumper fun pack of prosthetics was every ones fave, bald caps. we made and applied the caps of shiny truth to each other over 2 days...this is the onslaught:
so we start with a red head dummy, layers of cap plastic coloured with fleshy toned paints, are painted onto the red head in grauating layers to build up to the thickest point on the crown.
each layer is powdered in between and at the end, then left to dry and cure.
the models hair is then wrapped super tightly, using lots of hairspray and pins
soaped to keep in any ends, and blowdryed to create a rock hard finish
a layer of cotton wool is added to create a bump free surface
cap is applied (slightly drunk looking model there...)
trimmed and stuck down using prosade and spirit gum, and coloured with pan sticks to blend.
This is the finished cap.
Then the equally as fun, removal....
I loved mine, elle...not so much.... x

The Birds... and other creatures..

Its been a while, yes indeed it has. I have been lost in a world of fiber glass, plaster banadages, life casts, alginate, things that sting, itch, burn, stick to, and generally irritate ones epidermis in a most fun and exciting way....two challenging, but ultimately satisfying, weeks of prosthetics. I have a million photos of each and every crucial step of the past 2 weeks, but to prevent boredom i shall whip thru the most interesting ones so im basically skipping the first 4 days....
so here we start sculpting from water based clay...i decided to create and evil bird type creature
then started sculpting in wax based clay copying my original design
both sculpts to compare
finished wax sculpt ready to be cast. complete with wrinkle and skin texture detail.
foam latex mask once cooked
this is my finished piece complete with make up, costume and of course lovely model Sean
bird man and his date, the scottish orangutan....
me and sean after 5 looong hours of work...now just to remove it all.... x

Monday, November 7, 2011

Film clippy numero deux

And another film clip, this one from my jewellery/poetry exhibition i had whilst living in Byron Bay. This film was created by my dear friend Oliver Buckworth and myself. x

A little film clippy

Thought i might aswel put up a student film thingy that i worked on before heading to make up school. This is my dear dear friend Mikeys music vid. I got to act in it aswel as doing the hair, make up and costume.... x

Saturday, November 5, 2011

at school pics

A few "at school" pics, mainly to show me mum...
the gals,
the class
comparing burns with Elin

These bodies that we paint...

Body painting week this week.
Day 1 was a classic Chinese Opera make up to test out our blending skills. Mine wern't too bad, however my shakey hand, left over from the halloween madness, took its toll, thus, a side on pic!
Day 2 was clothes. We started with the top of a halter neck toppy thing that was copied from a photo....
This was my end of the week project. My lady painted to look like a pair of antique sewing scissors. I was pretty happy with the result, tho she was supposed to be painted black so that she blended into the background, but i ran out of time. Had sooo much fun spending 5 hours painting her.
NB: names left out on purpose, a slight nod towards privacy if thats possible with bum out......
this is what she then did to me the next day, which i think is awesum! a painted raggy doll. check out the freaky eyes. x

Hallowed be thy ween

A brief snap shot of our Halloween party last weekend. Some of the best outfits around town in my opinion. The theme was 'come as your worst nightmare' and so I got to lavish myself, Elinor and Nedly (my house mates) with my newly aquired make up skills. this is what i did to them and myself... Regarde:
the harlequin and the 1950's house wife
the extreme plastic surgery patient
show casing my other other skill... oh yes i carve, did you not know?.....
the pregnant teenage twins
some more outfitted party goers
this guy just took it waaaaay too far!
Jodi as a rather spunky Brittany Spears, and i revelling in the evenings punch....
morning after.... x

Casualty assessment

And so it came, our very first assessment of our 1 year complete make up artistry course. To say our class was nervous was an understatement, tempers became fractious and the tension rose as we were each given a different brief, followed by 1 night to plan our attack, and then execute the next day. A small brown hat full of scraps of pending doom was thrust at each of us as we plucked out a scrap of paper that contained our brief. Mine was first up, i picked a fairly modestly sized slither of white and unfolded it. 1 sentence only, 'A drug addict who has been shot in the head'...."hmm nice" i thought as i headed back to my seat, my head already filling with fantastically theatrical outfits, props and, oh yes, the make up.... that night Jodi, Elle and i headed to our best thinking place, the pub. 1 very fast beer gulped down we each headed home for a night of planning. This is my finished product:
So i created a wash of death on the skin using dead flesh make up, i shadowed the eyes heavily with greasepaint and added some pale veins around the temples. As she has only just died she wouldnt be too veiny just yet.
i created some seriously rank coldsores using porridge oats, latex greasepaint and skin illustrator in various colours.
track marks were created along with some bad bruising.
and the pièce de résistance, the bullet hole. Created using third degree latex that i sculpted into shape, filled with wound filler. Seriously thick gloopy, congealed blood was then added... i draped it around a bit so that it would drip in a specific way. oh yes and i greased up her locks with olive oil and added the costume, hand crafted from items from my wardrobe, along with the hoody that i made a few years back. Thanks to my debautcherous model Jodi. x