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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Birds... and other creatures..

Its been a while, yes indeed it has. I have been lost in a world of fiber glass, plaster banadages, life casts, alginate, things that sting, itch, burn, stick to, and generally irritate ones epidermis in a most fun and exciting way....two challenging, but ultimately satisfying, weeks of prosthetics. I have a million photos of each and every crucial step of the past 2 weeks, but to prevent boredom i shall whip thru the most interesting ones so im basically skipping the first 4 days....
so here we start sculpting from water based clay...i decided to create and evil bird type creature
then started sculpting in wax based clay copying my original design
both sculpts to compare
finished wax sculpt ready to be cast. complete with wrinkle and skin texture detail.
foam latex mask once cooked
this is my finished piece complete with make up, costume and of course lovely model Sean
bird man and his date, the scottish orangutan....
me and sean after 5 looong hours of work...now just to remove it all.... x

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  1. Very cool! Looks a little like a skeksis! creepin xxx