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Saturday, November 5, 2011

These bodies that we paint...

Body painting week this week.
Day 1 was a classic Chinese Opera make up to test out our blending skills. Mine wern't too bad, however my shakey hand, left over from the halloween madness, took its toll, thus, a side on pic!
Day 2 was clothes. We started with the top of a halter neck toppy thing that was copied from a photo....
This was my end of the week project. My lady painted to look like a pair of antique sewing scissors. I was pretty happy with the result, tho she was supposed to be painted black so that she blended into the background, but i ran out of time. Had sooo much fun spending 5 hours painting her.
NB: names left out on purpose, a slight nod towards privacy if thats possible with bum out......
this is what she then did to me the next day, which i think is awesum! a painted raggy doll. check out the freaky eyes. x

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