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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hallowed be thy ween

A brief snap shot of our Halloween party last weekend. Some of the best outfits around town in my opinion. The theme was 'come as your worst nightmare' and so I got to lavish myself, Elinor and Nedly (my house mates) with my newly aquired make up skills. this is what i did to them and myself... Regarde:
the harlequin and the 1950's house wife
the extreme plastic surgery patient
show casing my other other skill... oh yes i carve, did you not know?.....
the pregnant teenage twins
some more outfitted party goers
this guy just took it waaaaay too far!
Jodi as a rather spunky Brittany Spears, and i revelling in the evenings punch....
morning after.... x

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