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Sunday, November 20, 2011

ta da .....Bald!

Yes siree, included in the bumper fun pack of prosthetics was every ones fave, bald caps. we made and applied the caps of shiny truth to each other over 2 days...this is the onslaught:
so we start with a red head dummy, layers of cap plastic coloured with fleshy toned paints, are painted onto the red head in grauating layers to build up to the thickest point on the crown.
each layer is powdered in between and at the end, then left to dry and cure.
the models hair is then wrapped super tightly, using lots of hairspray and pins
soaped to keep in any ends, and blowdryed to create a rock hard finish
a layer of cotton wool is added to create a bump free surface
cap is applied (slightly drunk looking model there...)
trimmed and stuck down using prosade and spirit gum, and coloured with pan sticks to blend.
This is the finished cap.
Then the equally as fun, removal....
I loved mine, elle...not so much.... x

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