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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wiggy wiglets

Wonderful world of wigs was this week....and all the period hairstyles you could shake a well coiffed stick at. This small mouse shaped hairdresser was in her element...
learning to block a wig - or attach it to the wig block...mundane but crucial.
ringlet dowels a la Jane Austin fame
set and dressed ringlets with 18th century style uppy doo at the back
!940s victory rolls
and with scarf, Land Girls style
everyones favourite...1920s finger waves! i was first shown these 9 years ago at hair dressing school, didnt get them then, and found them tricky this time round too...however i now possess the gift of patience....and thus, mastered the full head finger wave
fingers waves dressed out and ready to charleston...pretty pleased with the result i must say...
1940s reverse pin winding
reverse pin wind set and dressed. This week taught me that i still love hairdressing, no matter how much of a break i have from it, and that patience is a virtue. x

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