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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Characature week

Character week....yes thats right, 11 weeks in and we're still going! make up fools that we are... the last week before xmas break, and what better way to get in the festive mood than aging each other with grease paint, and latex and turning us into men....jingle bloody bells here we come!
First up was theatre aging. Shading the face using grease paints to high and low light the appropriate creases and wrinkly bits.
then greying up brows, lashes and hair around the temples and hair line to give a subtle hint of middle agedness.
wrinkles done with latex. Most effective around the eyes, and nose to mouth lines. Nikitta here, looking just a shade older than 20!...
this is my attempt at turning the 'too cute to be true' Vicky into Victor....a tough task. So i shaded her face up to butch her up, accentuated the brow bone, jaw nose etc. The brows were filled in and fluffed up using grease paint, and the stubble stippled on...more of a theatre look than film.
laying on hair to create splendifferous mutton chops! i matched the hair to Jess's mahogany red locks and blended in a few other shades to break them up.
i then attacked the poor girl with a moustache, layed on hair by hair, and also manned up her neat girly brows i the same way, to make them more unkept. A very manly affair indeed, and my newly shaved head went down a storm, making my sex change make up scarily real! x

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