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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Casualty assessment

And so it came, our very first assessment of our 1 year complete make up artistry course. To say our class was nervous was an understatement, tempers became fractious and the tension rose as we were each given a different brief, followed by 1 night to plan our attack, and then execute the next day. A small brown hat full of scraps of pending doom was thrust at each of us as we plucked out a scrap of paper that contained our brief. Mine was first up, i picked a fairly modestly sized slither of white and unfolded it. 1 sentence only, 'A drug addict who has been shot in the head'...."hmm nice" i thought as i headed back to my seat, my head already filling with fantastically theatrical outfits, props and, oh yes, the make up.... that night Jodi, Elle and i headed to our best thinking place, the pub. 1 very fast beer gulped down we each headed home for a night of planning. This is my finished product:
So i created a wash of death on the skin using dead flesh make up, i shadowed the eyes heavily with greasepaint and added some pale veins around the temples. As she has only just died she wouldnt be too veiny just yet.
i created some seriously rank coldsores using porridge oats, latex greasepaint and skin illustrator in various colours.
track marks were created along with some bad bruising.
and the pièce de résistance, the bullet hole. Created using third degree latex that i sculpted into shape, filled with wound filler. Seriously thick gloopy, congealed blood was then added... i draped it around a bit so that it would drip in a specific way. oh yes and i greased up her locks with olive oil and added the costume, hand crafted from items from my wardrobe, along with the hoody that i made a few years back. Thanks to my debautcherous model Jodi. x

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