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Sunday, October 23, 2011


Ok so on to the goooood stuff..... this last week has been tash week. yes my friends that is right, my little mouse paws have been frantic, knotting 1 yak hair at a time in order to create a fine fettle of facial fuzz...... Behold:
to start, i drew out a patern for my tash, taped it to the block and covered with lace,
then the threading starts. One by one each individual hair must be moistened, looped thru the lace, caught up the other side with a teeny tiny crochet style hook, and the ends pulled thru the loop to secure. The knots must be as small as possible so as not to be seen,
once the whole tash is covered, it is then tonged with medieval torture equipment, cut, and styled into shape.
spirit gum is then applied to nearest, sexiest, specimen, patted lightly with a pad to make the gum matt so as not to bee seen thru the lace. The lace is then pressed on with a tail comb taking care not to crush the styled hair. The model is then instructed to stand against a white wall in front of a camera, and let the tash take over.... maybe you could encourage a friend to join in.....
or two.....
or it could just get silly.....
enjoy! x

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