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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Basic hair week

So after a couple more weeks of fun times at the Delamar Academy, i again return to la blog. Apologies for the non appearance but i have been incredibly busy preening, pruning, tonging and bending the delights of dolly head hair in 5 days of basic hair. Now, as a hairdresser of 8 years, you may think i was way beyond learning how to section a 'clean' section of hair with a red plastic tail comb....however i did find 1 or 2 things to test my mousey paws, and a surprising amount of pressure to create perfect curls with NO fish hooked ends what so ever.... here is a selection of my work from the week, my model being the delightfully dull Dolly. Regarde:
using heated bendy rollers to create ringlets
the elusive and tricky finger waves, delightful to behold, nightmare to master....
towered, bridal esque, up do....this took me a while as my 'anti bridal' gland went into overdrive...but i mastered it.
practicing my heated rollers....this is have done about 6 million times before, tho i still managed a fish hooked end or two....so a few more practices and i was back to a standard Monsieur Clarke would be proud of... there were many more bits and bobs from this week but this is and edited version as i have a TON of pics from every angle..... Our lovely teacher Pam Orange was brilliant and inspired me beyond belief with her tales of the stage. x

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