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Friday, September 30, 2011

Swinging Sixties

After a day of snuffly fluey bed rest, the mouses tale continues.... Today the turn of the iconic 60s. Think Twiggy, Jean Shirmpton (half of the girls in our class didnt actually know who Jean was....nothing like it to make you feel old...) Brigitte...of the Bardot variety, Mary Quant, Biba, Rolling Stones, The Beatles...i could go on.... Laura was pinned into the make up chair today as i primped and poofed her into a Twiggy esque scenario... Contempler:
Laura here, with a pale base and a touch of corrective under the eyes. Lots of powder....
By now i had covered the lids with a white base, built up on thin layers, a very dark black socket line was added (several times, to get it in the right place....) this was then smudged a smidge under neath but kept crisp at the top. umm...had i added lashes yet?...yes, i had. I applied black cake eyeliner along top and bottom lashes, along with a few drawn on lower lashes. Then mascara...lots. The brows were groomed and filled in with a dark browny colour to thicken. I then tentatively applied the false eyelashes....surprisingly successfully...
To finish i added blusher in a taupey colour just below the cheek bones, and i mixed a very pale pinky, peachy colour and applied to the lips. I also backcombed the hair loosely and pinned the top section, very roughly, to give an idea of volume.
Laura was then instructed to stand against the wall and smoulder like never before, for my final photo...gal done good. X

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