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Monday, September 26, 2011

Today was the turn of camouflage make up. We sat thru a demo which always looks annoyingly simple....a ha, how wrong was i?! being one of 4 in our group of 12, who sported a grand total of 5 tattoos, i was then pinned into a chair, stripped of my black skinnies and pounced upon with derma palettes of many skin tones, translucent powder, and a distinct loathing of my ink.....i felt quite sad watching my black smudgy birth marks fading away into nothingness. The girls did a great job. After lunch was my turn. As my model, the lovely Abby, had not a tatt in sight, our tutor had to ink one on for her. I then spent the next 2 hours cursing and sweating as i tried, tried, and tried again, to cover the stubborn mark, alas to no avail. All i ended up with was a patch of arm the shade of an angry baby, and a model with an achy elbow. Never fear, i thought, as i packed my brush roll, palette and powders into my army green satchel....my evening ahead was now planned. I returned home and finally mastered it after several tries. here is my result, and one i am rather proud of: before
satge1 - covering ink lines with red derma colour
final result
leg before
again, at the red pigment stage
final result
finally i can now sleep! good night! x

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