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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday we mastered the 20s...well, mastered isnt quite the word...it turns out that waxing half an eyebrow to the forehead is actually the most difficult thing IN THE WORLD!!! regard:
The lovely Jodi. Here, i had waxed the bottom half of the unruly brows, to create a thin, highly arched 1920s style brow. I then applied sealer. After this. i mixed a pale foundation and applied all over the face, followed by the palest pan stick. This photo looks pretty good but about 4 hours later the poor girl looked like she had some sort of eyebrow specific leprosy....
By now i had filled in her dark smokey eyes, lined them and applied lashings of mascara. i love that when we watched the demo of this, our tutor said "in the 1920s women were just getting used to make up, it was a new thing so would have been applied quite crudely"....i clearly ran with this notion! I had also by now drawn in her elongated and 'sad' looking brows. A touch of blush and those tight rose bud lips in a deep plum colour.
and the best bit of the day....the wig. Everyone seems to love the wig bit....Jodi gets especially excited when the wigs come out, and she seems to look good in all of them...damm her....
Thanks Jodi. x

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