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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

18th century

Aaaaaand it gets better!... Today was period make up, starting with 18th century. Think Marie Antoinette, The Duchess, "let them eat cake", debautcherous drinking, masquerade parties, hand fans etc etc..... you get the picture? Please remember that ours was a theatrical version so highly exaggerated: The glorious Elle before
Soaping out the eyebrows, and then covering with concealor and derma colour, in an attempt to make the little creatures disappear
The rest of the face has now been covered with the palest theatrical pan stick i had using a damp sponge. I then pencilled in the brows, higher than the natural ones, and painted them in with cake eyeliner. The whole lot was powdered beyond belief before, after and during, this process
By now i had lined the upper lashes and smudged, applied mascara, and blushed her cheeks with a bright pink. I then drew on her tiny little rose bud lips and filled with lip liner. Elle has incredible bee sting lips, which made her rose buds a little plumper than the norm, but i think it really added to the look....umm....what else?...oh yeah, the all important beauty spot to finish
and the icing on the cake (literally so it would seem...) the wig!
such a fun day, thanks for being my patient model, and swapping some bloody good Aussie tales Elle! x

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