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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

and so it goes...

so now the foam latex is fluffed into the negative mould, the positive placed on top, squeezed together and bolted, then cooked in the oven over night....the moulds are then teased appart to reveal...tadah! our piece:
whilst this is going on, we are also filling out head moulds with liquid latex, which we coloured with acrylic paints the latex is swiched about inside the head mould to ensure even coverage, and no air bubbles
then left to dry overnight and.... DISASTER!!!
after another failed attempt, which lead to an interesting birthday present for my flatmate, i got a good one. This one was then painstakingly painted over 3 hours, and then hair punched for another hour and a half... i should also add that the other 7 head pieces were taken home and also painted one cold friday night from 6pm till 2am whilst drinking chai tea from a jam jar and listening to radio 4 plays...

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